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About Us


We’ve always wanted Kate Addison to be more than just another clothing company. Not only do we want to help women feel amazing in their own skin, we want women to see the best in themselves.

But we also wanted something else. What if we could start a company and could give a portion of the profits to help children around the world live better lives.

So Kate Addison was born ...

Sergio and Eddie met 15 years ago, both working in a warehouse pulling orders. We had many conversations, always knowing there was something there for us to do together. Through many jobs, and different life paths, we’ve stayed friends. It’s funny how one of those conversation can change everything ...

Jenny had always dreamed of starting her own clothing company, so with her fashion sense, Eddie’s start-up experience, and Yvette and Sergio’s heart to make an impact, we knew we had the makings of something great, so Kate Addison was created.

Not only did we want a way to provide a better future for our families, but we also wanted a vehicle to be able to fund programs which would impact the lives of those who are in need.

The heart of our company is to reach beyond ourselves and give back. So we’ve partnered with a charity in Juarez, Mexico. And with every purchase you make from Kate Addison, we’ll make a donation to help provide meals for children.

For every $1 donation, we are able to provide 3 meals, and this is just the start. Children are our future, and we want to help make their future brighter in whatever way we can. We started with Juarez, Mexico but we are looking for ways to make an impact in other countries as well as in our own backyard.

Several years ago Jenny lost her niece. It was unexpected and devastating to her family. Her name was Kate Addison.

Jenny wanted a way to carry on her niece’s name and have her legacy be one of helping other children have a chance at a future she didn’t get. Baby Kate will always hold a very special place in our hearts and her legacy will live on.